Movable trailer billboards

Billboard Advertising Kenya – Boosting Brands

Billboard advertising is one of the strongest ways to make a brand visible in Kenya.

Among other methods like print media and television, billboard advertising Kenya has remained and will always be outstanding and here are the reasons as to why.

Why Billboard advertising in Kenya remains key in Brand Visibility

  • Whether it’s the highyway static billboards or the movable billboards, they broadcast your business to as many people as possible.
  • Since they are strategically placed in busy areas, billboards tend to have the highest number of views and impressions compared to other marketing methods.
  • It’s an effective way of marketing that helps to bring you more customers ,you do not have to always to around looking for customers because they will be attracted to the product.
  • It’s creates a strong brand awareness since commuters see the same billboard multiple times, they retain the message and associate it with the brand/company.

What is the difference between the static billboards and mobile trailer billboard in Kenya

Static Billboards

billboard advertising kenya

A static billboards are mounted on busy highways are are usually used for a long period advertising, the aim is to get as many people using the road to view the ad and create a lasting impression.

Mobile trailer Billboards in Kenya

The Mobile billboards as just as it sounds, it can be long term and short term advertising ,it’s also great for display during events.

mobile billboard advertising in Kenya
Mobile billboard advertising creates fast and last impression since it’s on eye level ,therefore anybody passing along where it has been placed is more likely to view the message which is bold and close to their faces.

It’s a unique advertising that moves the brand awareness campaign close to the target audience from time to time.

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A more modern and effective way of creating brand awareness, our mobile trailer billboards brings in more results due to the fact that we can move them on a weekly bases to new locations.

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