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Podcast editing

We specialize in audio editing and post-production to ensure that your podcast sounds great.

Mix and Master

We offer mixing services to ensure that all elements of your podcast  sounds consistent and professional across all listening devices

Distribution & publishing

We handle the distribution of your podcast to popular platforms , ensure that your podcast is correctly tagged, described, and optimized .

Analytics and Reporting

We provide regular reports on your podcast's performance and analytics.

Our Approach

our team is ready to help you

Our podcast management services are customizable to fit your needs and budget. We work with podcasters of all sizes, from independent creators to businesses and organizations. We are committed to providing excellent service and support to our clients every step of the way.

Looking for podcast editor? We offer this and more. We are dedicated to helping podcasters  edit, and distribute and market high-quality audio content that resonates with their target audience. 

We have many years of experience in the industry, therefore we have honed our skills to provide a comprehensive suite of services that cater to every aspect of podcast management.

podcast management services

A quick recap of what we offer under Podcast Management Services

Sample Audio and Video Podcast

Basic Package- From Raw to Ready

  • Editing weekly episodes
  • Adding ID3 tags to audio files
  • Integrating the Intro, outro, promo spots, & music into episode
  • Noise reduction, audio leveling, and audio quality enhancement
  • Audio content cleanup (ums, ughs, likes, double words, etc.)
  • Episodes uploaded to your Google Drive or Dropbox folder
  • Communication via your preferred channel

Customized package available upon request

Bronze Package

  • Everything from the Basic Package
  • Editing weekly episodes
  • Show notes written, with all links and resources mentioned in the episodes
  • Episodes uploaded & scheduled to your podcast host and/or website
  • 1 audiogram per episode
  • 1 IG quote graphics (from templates) per episode
  • Detailed monthly podcast statistics with feedback for growth 
  • Communication via your preferred channel



Customized package available upon request


Everything from the Basic and  Bronze Packages

Editing Weekly Audio and Video Episodes

Syncing Audio & Video Tracks

Video Noise Reduction and Volume Matching

Adding Video Intros, Outros and Sponsored Messages

Editing and scheduling your video on YouTube

Podcast Launch

Uploading to your host.

Creation of reels and carousel for social media marketing.

Customized package available upon request

Podcast editor

Send me the raw recordings and I will give you carefully edited episodes ready for publishing  so you can keep creating great content.

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