Trailer Billboards

We place your Brand infront of your Target Customers with movable Billboard

Why use a Mobile Billboards to Advertise your Business?

Targeted Audience

BmB Media Services offers Mobile Billboard Advertising across Kenya to strategic locations to ensure your brand is viewed by the right audience your business is targeting.

Movable Weekly

Your brand get to be seen in different locations every week to grow the audience and bring in more leads.

Events Ads

An outdoor event is a great target for  a specific group of people who will be stationed at a venue consistently viewing your ad for hours.

Eye Level

Trailer billboards advertising positioning  at Eye level  ensures  everyone passing along can see it.

Our Movable Billboards Approach

Affordable & Flexible

Mobile Billboard Advertising in Kenya offered by BmB Media ensures your products or services are placed in  right place to deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time and at an affordable cost.

Movable trailer billboards

Start Advertising on Movable Billboards by joining one of the leading trailer advertising companies in Kenya.